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Friday, December 24, 2010

I wish I was there - DooWoon, JunSeob & KiSeung PERFECT Stage!

DooWoon - Behind Stage~ That was One PERFECT stage guys! Love it! Though I couldn't watch it live! If I eas one of the B2UtYs there, I'd Faint!!! Kyaaa! Anyone Who heard it would die to turn back and stay in your arms boys! GOOD JOB! 

JunSeob - Behind stage~ Yoseobie! Too CUTE! And Lucky! OMG my Hubby! Can You be a lot more Hotter than ever??! Oh I so in LOVE! Both are so cute! Another 100 points out of 100 points given to that stage! I wonder how our B2UtYs scream all over you both!

KiSeung - Behind stage~ The awkward yet HAWWWWT couple! Both were great dancers, great vocalists and great bodies! Arghhh SO damn gonna CRY!!! T_T I wanna you both this Christmas!!! hahhaaa~ B2UtYs we are the most LUCKIEST fans ever!!! To have them all to ourselves!

I could cry anytime now! So wanna be there and feel what you guys feel, scream what you guys scream and faint whenever BEAST come out. I sound so fanatic aren't I? Well no care! I am so damn IN LOVE with BEAST! I wish I can be wherever and whenever they perform. So gonna buy everything I see bout them! 

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