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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Officially 22 Y/O

I am now officially 22 ya all! kekeke getting high-up for no real reason! Got stomach ache for eating a lot of thing that I can't name them kekeke... Being so Bless after seeing one of my good friend in a good condition despite having to face difficulties and obstacle! Doc you can do it! Sharing stories with my three other halves~ the Power Rangers of mine... Now waiting eagerly for any one else to wish me and praised me for staying alive. Although all of my peeps know that I'm a tough girl from the outside, but inside I'm just a kid who wants to be hug and praise by others... I know my mom, my dad and my siblings love me. No matter how well or how poor I'll be in the future... they will be by my side. All I'm praying to God that he will give me time to cherish my family appropriately...Ramadhan gives me lots of memories and things for me to cherish. I don't know why, but I can feel it, yet I'm not gonna say it. It will come soon or later, but I'm too scared to face it, and if He takes me earlier than I thought, I pray that he will help my mom and my dad to go through it calmly. Give strength to all my beloved siblings and friends. I wish to stay longer but I know, He loves me more than I expected. I have been feeling this for about 4 days ago, and yet I felt like I'm cheating myself.
God, if it's really my time, please do please let me go with this great feeling of being loved by everyone. To BEAST, I'm not sure if I'll be able to see you to last till 20 years ahead of me, but I know you will!

With love,
Izzati Bashar
Once a B2uty, 4ever will be a B2uty.

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