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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a great life this is....

Who am I? A 22 years old human being who is so immature that her younger friends make fun of her, constantly. Well yeah I love myself this way. I love to sing on the road humming to my favourite Kpop songs, move here and there, sometimes even pull my trousers up.. So? Yup I'm a person who do things later than everyone... God I'm complaining again... In this perfect FEVER condition, listening to One Direction's songs somehow cured me. I know, I'm FYI WEIRD. No care at all people. Seriously, I don't want to care anymore. I'm not gonna care what you think and what you feel, cause accept it, I'm rude, hideous, big, fat human. My tounge slips every here and there, not like yours that can talk the talk all day long. I'm not Allah's good girl at all, unlike you all that are so perfect that people believe you. I'm not clean at all, seriously... I'm not... I wear the same clothes every three days.. I wear less make up than a chimpanzi and I admit.. I'm a sinner. But you know what, I know I'm a sinner and kept on thinking how to repent myself. I am not that good with people who can persuade and make people go their ways, Hell no! I got my own way. Yeah my life principle are crap.. rubbish. But then it is mine and I will make it happy and lovely. When I'm pissed off that ugly side of me came out.. How embarassing really, cause none of you has such side. Only me. I am the only most imperfect (although I can walk and talk properly) human being on earth. Got it, Noted it. I'm incapable of getting loved by someone doesn't make me weak. I got my Mom, Dad, Siblings and others.. I don't need these so called poker face. Do it everyday and you'll end up being a POKER yourself. And if you read this, keep it shut to yourself, cause if this really meant for you, you should know that you are that person. You know why I'm like this, and you know that you are the best person alive. But I'm not your people. Our chances to be together are 1 in a million, but just so you know... I hate your so beautiful, incredible attitude. I am surely a kid in an elephant body, but you... hmmm think about it yourself. 
An elephant, a dragon, a whale or what so other enormous animal there are, and that is me. And I'm proud to be compared to them cause God made them big. Surely there's a reason for everything.

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