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Thursday, January 5, 2012

He sang 4 songs!

"Okay! We talk!!!"
"What to do!!!!"

Unpredictable! A called came in! The ringtone was his though! Is this like real??! He called me and ask how's my day, and I say it was bad due to my linguistic paper. Then he says to cheer me up, he'll sing a song. He asks me what song I went blur!!! The fact he called me was already weird! we were laughing while he was preparing.... he sang his song!!! It was magical! Love the song so much!!! He'll finish by my birthday, though I asked him that actually. So he asks my B-day! Happy Birthday came out!!! The very first time that I started to tear. He then sang 'Dipintu Syurga" by KRU ft Elite!!!! That was like wow!!! Then he sang another one!!! I ask him bout taht should be me by JB and he sang it too!!! God help me! I am in love with him... and I know it is just on my side but what to do? Wish that I can hug him and thank him for making me happy this way! Thank you dear! Love you! I know you know! Thank you so much!!!

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