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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'll be pathetic if I never tell you this~

When I knew how bad my feeling could affect you, I stop loving you, but then you never came back to love me. I choose to let every single mingle feeling for you to go but then I keep on thinking whether it is a good way to tell you that I love you. I choose to say no since you never tell me how you really feel coz I know that you don't love me... But still am I even there in your very big heart? Or am I not? I wish I could be brave as you are when you tell her you love her, coz right now I am not in love with anyone nor anything. I wish I am strong enough to tell him so that he can at least try to read my mind and try to make me love him but I am not that kind of person. I don't like to force myself to love someone just because he or she love me. I choose to love someone when I know I can love that person more than he or she can love him- or herself. I use to wrote so much about someone who I love but now not anymore since I realized that he or she is no more there. Should I write about those who are now important to me? Or should I start to love someone else? Someone that I can never thought to love? Huh~ I wish I knew. I am listening to Junsu-oppa's song Too LOVE and it hurts!

I was so close the last time I chat with you~ To tell you that I love you but I restrained myself so that I can never hurt you like I used to. I told someone bout us but instead I let us be like broken couple... How sad indeed. Now I choose to tell you that Thank you for not falling in love with me, coz now I can finally free myself from loving someone who never love me back~ So wish me luck in waiting for the one who can love me back! Sarangae!

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